Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Ltd. (GDFCL) has yet again set a milestone by successfully manufacturing Lignosulfonate. This makes GDFCL the first Indian company to successfully manufacture and supply Lignosulfonate for the Oil and Gas Industry. Lignosulfonate or sulfonated lignin is a water-soluble organic polymer that is used to control the viscosity of drilling fluids, especially in offshore drilling.
Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Ltd.(GDFCL) state-of-the-art R& D facility in Gujarat, India successfully completed the testing of its high performance chemicals. This landmark achievement of the GDFCL researchers will see these high performance chemicals, which possess heat, chemical, and weather resistance being supplied to the Mining Industry.
Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Ltd. (GDFCL) growing prominence as a major supplier of drilling fluids and chemicals in the world is now evident with the establishment of new warehousing facilities in Jebel Ali, a port town, located 35 kilometers southwest of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
The race to supply North Africa with drilling fluids and chemicals was won recently by Global Drilling Fluids & Chemicals Ltd. (GDFCL). GDFCL became the first and only Indian Oilfield Company to successfully supply over 2,000 Metric Tonne (MT) of fluids and chemicals to North Africa.