Bentonite API Grade


GLO BEN 1000

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals Limited at its manufacturing Facility in Gujarat, India manufactures  Bentonite used as a Viscosifier and Weighing material for Drilling applications . GDFCL manufactures Sodium Bentonite as per API 13 A Section 9,Section 10, Section 11

The various Grades of Bentonite manufactured by us are :

GLO BEN 1000 : Sodium Bentonite as per API 13 A Section 9 also Known as API Grade Drilling Bentonite

GLO BEN 2000 : Sodium Bentonite as Per API13 A Section 11 also Known as OCMA Bentonite

GLO BEN 3000 : High Yeild Bentonite as per API 13 A Section 10 Also known as Wyoming Bentonite

GLO BEN 1000

GLO BEN 1000 manufactured by GDFCL is a specially selected premium Grade Sodium Montmorillonite Bentonite. It is used as a Primary filter cake building Filtration Control agent in fresh water mud Systems. It is a High Yield Natural Sodium Bentonite as per API 13-A (Section 9 ) used as a Weighing agent and Viscosifier in the Oil Field applications.

GLO BEN 1000 (Sodium Bentonite API 13 A Section 9 manufactured by GDFCL is Viscosifier and Filtration control agent for water based Mud Systems.GLO BEN 1000 manufactured by Global Drilling Fluids and Chemical Limited is used in drilling muds for controlling borehole stability. It is utilized in drilling muds to extract drill cuttings from the bit.


  • It helps improve hole cleaning capacities of drilling fluids.
  • It is effective as an filtering agent
  • It can form a thin filter cake with low permeability.
  • It promotes bore hole stability.
  • It can be added directly to fresh water or fresh water based drilling fluids.

Physical Properties:


Physical State    
Free Flowing Powder
Moisture Content     Max 10%
Viscometer Dial reading at 600 r/min     Min 30
Yeild Point/Plastic Viscosity Ratio     Max 3
Filtrate Volume      Max 15.0 Cm3
Residue Greater than 75 Microns or 200 Mesh     Max 4.0 %

GLO BEN 1000 manufactured by GDFCL is used as a Viscosifier and Fluid Loss Reducer and improves Filter cake Quality. Typical Concentrations range from 5-40 Lb/bbl (14 kg/m3-115 kg/m3).


The GLO BEN 1000 manufactured by GDFCL is packaged in 1.25 MT /1.0 MT  Jumbo bags with inner Liner or 50 Kg/25 Kg or 100Lbs/50 Lbs  HDPE sacks. If any customized packaging is required the same is also available

Safety and Handling:
GLO BEN 1000 manufactured by GDFCL must be handled as an Industrial chemical, wearing protective equipment and observing the precautions as mentioned in the MSDS.

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